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I am an eco friendly bowl and spoon made from rice husks.The perfect place for fresh and

natural ingredients to meet, mix and make something wonderful.

• This biodegradable and BPA free set is ethically made in China from all natural rice

husks. It’s strong and durable. All my packaging is reusable and recyclable.

• Perfect for mixing clay face masks, scrubs and hair oils. The spoon is also a mask

and scrub applicator.

• 1% Of your purchase goes to help women in rural Africa and Asia learn how to grow

organic food. Your purchase goes a long way to help women gain the skills,

knowledge and resources they need to start small businesses.

How to use me:

With a little bit of love, your Roz mixing set can be used over and over again. Just rinse

with mild soap and water. Dry and store it in my handy mesh bag in the shower or for


Set Includes:

1 x Bowl (110 x 65 x 30 mm)

1 x Spoon (90 x 25 mm)

1 x Mesh bag

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