DIY Saudi House
Celebrating Saudi Culture, this box house can be easily put together and explored by children. This contains for sides and slide door, each side represents a different region in Saudi. The inside can be colored too. The package contains: 1 box...
280.00 SR
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Blank Canvas Art Kit
kits are inspired by well known artists, like Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol, and Frida Kahlo, Yayoi Kusama and many more to come! The art kits include, 3 projects all inspired by the artist’s work & technique.  The kit includes all...
300.00 SR
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Ramadan DIY kids
3 DIY poster to color cut and hang  1 set of 8 waterbased colors, non-toxic 
150.00 SR
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Bogsha Colors
 1 set of 8 waterbased colors, non-toxic 
60.00 SR
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9alawaty Al5ams for Kids
This canvas reusable prayer board helps kids track their prayers in a fun and interactive way. The markers are made so they can put them in the pockets to mark the prayer. Parents and caretakers can see and can encourage them with a little treat...
from 230.00 SR
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