BOGSHA (N) a traditional piece of fabric which is filled with wonderful goodies, tied to make a small bag. Traditionally carried by people travelling or commuting from one place to another bringing back souvenirs and gifts from their adventures. Here in Bogsha We would like to offer this experience by turning visions into reality through the wonderful world of gifting. 

We offer seasonal gifts, collaborations with different like-minded creatives. We also offer a bespoke service of designing and producing gifts and souvenirs for certain events, in addition to overseeing production for your projects from beginning to end if you have your own designs and ideas.

We are a team of two Graphic Designers, with years of experience in the field. We are strong believers in collaborations and joining forces to create unique items. We like to explore different creative solutions to different ideas we have by helping our clients to offer a unique gifting experience. Social responsibility is a core pillar in Bogsha and we believe in giving back to our community which is why we work closely with charities and organizations and donate a percentage of sales to help them achieve their goals. If you would like to join us on this journey feel free to contact us on

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